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  • Community Property

    In an action for dissolution of marriage or legal separation, the Arizona Court is required to equitably divide all community belonging to the parties.  Equitable division is typically achieved through an equal division of the assets.  This is why most people say that Arizona is a “50-50 state.” In Arizona community property is defined in […]

  • What is an annulment

    Most people are familiar with the concept of a prenuptial or premarital agreement, but aren’t certain whether or not they have sufficient holdings to necessitate entering into such an agreement.  The reasons for having premarital agreements are vast and varied; they are not solely to protect separate assets in the event of a divorce but […]

  • child custody

    Often, the subject of a non-parent seeking custody of another person’s child is a reality for many families.  Non-parent custody actions are generally commenced by an individual who has been “like a parent” (in loco parentis) to a child.  Before filing a petition with the court seeking non-parent custody of a child, there are several […]

  • What is an annulment

    Whenever you start a court action, whether you are starting a new case or have filed a  petition for modification or enforcement of previous orders, you have to complete service on the other person.  For family law cases, service must be completed as stated in Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure (“ARFLP”).  Rule 41, ARFLP […]

  • Enforcement of prior orders

    If you have an Order (or Decree) from the Family Court which requires the other party to perform specific duties and the other party is not performing those duties, you must file a petition for enforcement with the Court to obtain compliance or punitive orders. Enforcement of Support:  Probably the most common enforcement issue deals […]

  • What is an annulment

    There are many staff positions in law firms other than attorneys. The titles differ and are sometimes interchangeable, but in general, you will find that law firms have paralegals, legal secretaries and legal assistants. Not each firm has all of these staff, as smaller firms require less support staff. Legal document preparers typically do not […]

  • Finding an attorney to represent you through your divorce case can be a daunting task. While internet searches may be easier than old-school Yellow Pages research, the sheer quantity of attorneys that our practicing makes it overwhelming. Before you start your search, consider the following tips. This might sound obvious, but find an attorney who […]

  • Relocation update

    In a previous blog (Aug. 05, 2014), I addressed the issue of relocation. Because there have been changes to the statute and a recent Court of Appeals decision regarding relocation, an update is in order. Arizona Revised Statute §25-408 has been revised. Here are some of the changes: The moving parent must provide the non-moving parent […]

  • child custody

    If you have physical custody of a child and you need help to establish child support or a medical support order, or if you already have a child support or medical support order and need that order enforced, you can apply for IV-D assistance. You may apply for these services at any time until the […]

  • Family Law Attorney Shannon Bradley

    In the most recent edition of the Arizona Attorney magazine (March 2015), the Honorable Randall H. Warner’s contribution to the Civil Practice Pointers section reminded me that most litigants don’t know who all of the people are in the courtroom. I was fortunate to have been trained on the job during my first employment as […]

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