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  • child custody

    Often, the subject of a non-parent seeking custody of another person’s child is a reality for many families.  Non-parent custody actions are generally commenced by an individual who has been “like a parent” (in loco parentis) to a child.  Before filing a petition with the court seeking non-parent custody of a child, there are several […]

  • child custody

    If you have physical custody of a child and you need help to establish child support or a medical support order, or if you already have a child support or medical support order and need that order enforced, you can apply for IV-D assistance. You may apply for these services at any time until the […]

  • Family Law

    Let’s start with a little information about the Arizona Child Support Guidelines. The Guidelines were established in order to provide a standard of support that is consistent with the reasonable needs of children and the ability of the parents to pay, to make child support orders consistent for persons in similar situations, and to give […]

  • Maricopa School

    If you have joint legal decision making (custody) and you want to change your child’s school, PLEASE DON’T DO IT without the consent of the other parent. Unless you have the final authority in the event of a disagreement with regard to educational issues, and you’ve already engaged in discussions with the other parent, you will run afoul […]

  • On January 1, 2013, Arizona’s revised “custody” statute became effective. In general, A.R.S. 25-403 was revised to replace the term “custody” with “decision making” and “parenting time.” Like many other family law attorneys, I wondered if and how these changes in terminology would impact the way attorneys advocated for their clients, if the courts would rule differently on legal decision making and parenting time, and, of course, if there would ultimately be an impact on my clients. What were the changes?