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What we provide

  • Divorce

    A divorce is a legal process to terminate a marriage in the eyes of the law.

  • Legal Separations

    Legal separation follows the same process through the court as a divorce, but the marriage is not dissolved.

  • Legal Decision Making

    Formerly called “custody” in Arizona, this is the legal right and responsibility to make major decisions regarding minor children.

  • Parenting Time

    Parenting time is the schedule of time during which each parent has access to a child at specified times.

  • Child Support

    The Law Office of Shannon S. Bradley helps their clients understand the obligations parents have to financially support their children under the law.

  • Grandparent Visitation

    The superior court in Arizona may grant a grandparent of a child reasonable visitation rights.

  • Modifications To Existing Orders

    Following the finalization of any legal case, circumstances may change or events occur that necessitate the modification of the orders.

  • Enforcement

    Superior court orders may be enforced if a party is not in compliance with the orders.

  • Relocation

    When parenting time orders exist and one parent desires to move more than 100 miles from their current location and take the children, a specific procedure must be followed.

  • Spousal Maintenance

    Under certain circumstances, one spouse may be entitled to spousal maintenance (alimony) in a divorce or legal separation. The amount and duration can be agreed upon by the parties or the court will enter orders about spousal maintenance.

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